Mini-Mill 2

Minitech mini mill 2

The Mini-Mill/2 Pro includes production-grade components that require very little maintenance, including ball screws, brushless spindle motor and ball bearing guide ways. Standard axis drive motors are micro-stepper driven

Overall Size 24.0″ x 24.0″ x 24.0″ 600 x 600 x600mm
Table Size 6.0″ x 18.0″ 152 x 355mm
X,Y,Z Axis Travel 10.0″ x 6.0″ x 8.0″ 250 x 150 x 200mm
Feed Rates .1 to 150 IPM linear
.1 to 50 IPM 3-axis simultaneous
Stepper Motors 400 steps per revolution in full step mode, rated at 250 oz. in.
Drivers Standard Step Modes: 1:125 Micro stepping mode
Resolution 0.001mm
Table Mechanism Dual ball bearing guideways on each axis
Drive Mechanism Ball Screw actuator – preloaded and sealed, 5mm pitch,
Hold Down Type Table top 1/4″-20 mounting holes, 1″ centers
Spindle System
5 to 30,000 rpm/min, Compact size, light weight and high output Power, Brush-less motor, Excellent durability by air-cooling system, Motor withstands, 5,000 hours of continuous use
Spindle Rotation Spindle manually rotates 90 degrees in both directions
Tool Chuck Collets, 1/8” included other sizes available
Machine Weight 75 lbs. 40 Kg

4 Axis Controller

Minitech’s advanced stepper driver is based on a DSP with an advanced control algorithm. It brings a high level of system smoothness, providing optimum torque and nulls mid-range instability. Motor auto-identification and parameter auto-configuration technology offers optimum responses with different motors and is easy-to-use. The driven motors can run with much lower noise, less heating, smoother movement than most of the drivers in the markets. Its unique features make the driver more attractive
• High Performance, Based on DSP Algorithm.
• Anti-Resonance, provides optimum torque and nulls mid-range instability Motor auto-identification and parameter auto-configuration technology, offers optimum responses with different motors
• Multi-Stepping allows a low resolution step input to produce a higher microstep output for smooth system performance
• Microstep resolutions programmable, from full-step to 51,200 steps/rev
• Can be set by Dip switch (2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,5,10,25,50,125,250)
• Supply voltage up to +36 VDC
• Output current programmable, from 0.5A to 4.2A(Can be set by Dip switch too)
• Pulse input frequency up to 200 KHz
• TTL compatible and optically isolated input

PC Interface Ethernet Interface
Drive Type Digit bi-polar chopper, 10 amp with micro-stepping settings, 125x Micro
Number of drives 4, with up to 5-axis simultaneous control
Power Input 110 VAC (220 VAC), converts to 40 VDC
Memory Type non volatile memory, needs use of computer to run part programs and control machine
Interface TTL signal from serial port (RS-232). All cables supplied
Input Logic up to 8 input TTL signals
Output Logic up to 8 output for limit, home, or safety switches.
Spindle Speed Includes module for RPM control by CNC control software M Code
Spindle on/off Includes module for on/off control by CNC control software M Code
Home Sensors Includes module for reading inputs of up to 5 axies of Home and Tool Probe Sensors
Standard Step Modes: 1:125 Micro stepping mode, 10,000 steps per revolution

Spindle options :  note we also can provide nsk spindles

Features & Specs:
 Dimensions: OD: 65mm (2.559″) L: 300mm (12″)
 Power: 0.8 kW (1 HP)
 Voltage: 110VAC Single Phase
 Current 3.6A
 Frequency: 0~400 Hz
 Speed: 0~24000 RPM stepless.
 Working speed: 6000-24000 RPM
 ER11 collet
 Grease Lubrication
 Runout off: less than 0.02mm (0.001″)
 Noise level: 77dBA
 Air Cooling
 Weight: 3 kg (7 lbs)

2nd Optional Spindle as Seen in the picture above.

• 1/3 HP 90-volt high-torque DC motor (single direction) • 2-step “V” belt pulley (2nd position for more torque at low RPM) • Spindle nose: 3/4-16 external thread, #1 Morse internal taper • Fiberglass-reinforced urethane drive belt • Variable speed electronic speed control: 200-10000 RPM, or 1,000-2,800RPM • Load compensating circuit keeps RPM constant • Speed control accepts any input from 100VAC to 240VAC and automatically converts it to 90VDC output to the motor. • Eight-foot, three-wire power cord

4th Axis Rotary Table Kit